11 19 17 Prayer is Not What You Think it is

When I was first saved I learned many things about prayer. Come to find out, they were all wrong.

11 26 17 What Are You Praying For

What perspective of prayer do you pray from? The Law, The Kingdom, The dispensation of Grace? Only one is the right one for you.

12 3 17 Different Time, Different Prayer

If you pray like they did in Moses day, will God answer your prayer? If you pray like they will pray in the Kingdom, will God answer your prayer?

Why Do We suffer

Message preached in Chicago 2009. Does God bring suffering upon you. Does God inflict sickness on his children because they’re not tithing or because they fail in certain areas of their lives? The answer to this question may surprise you.

2 25 12 Not By Sight

Do we walk by faith or do we walk by sight? Most Christians today are looking for signs and wonders and divers miracles of the Holy Ghost. This message examines the Bibles explanation as to who had a right to look for signs and wonders.

3.18.12 What Does God Keep

In the midst of your trials and troubles, God has promised to Keep something of yours. Do you know what it is? Can God punish sin twice? If your sins were paid for and punished at Calvary, Can God punish you again for your sin?

3.25.12 It’s Your Battle.

In the Old Testament God fought the battle for the Israelites. Today, Is God fighting your battles? Is he changing all the situations in your life and making them better? Is He? One thing God has promised you is that he will keep your heart. There is a process.