7 28 13 Warning Every Man

Standing for the truth of the Word of God Rightly Divided can be daunting. Have you thought that maybe it would be easier to just go back to where you came from and go with the majority? Is that what God would have to you do?

8 4 13 Paul Our Pattern

Every Christian has a choice as to who will be their pattern. For some it’s Peter for others it’s Paul. Does it really make a difference who you choose? Not only will it make a difference now, it will make a huge difference for you in eternity.

8 18 13 Are You in the Race?

Paul said, “so run that ye may obtain the prize. There are two groups of people running the Christian race. Those that are running towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God and those running in the opposite direction.

9 1 13 Gold Silver OR Wood Hay Stubble

God gave certain materials that you are to build on Paul’s foundation with. This message explains the materials and what they represent. What have you been building with? Which Jesus have you been preaching?

Saved and still enemies of the cross of Christ?

Can a person be saved and yet still be an enemy of the Cross of Christ? Paul says yes by preaching the wrong Jesus and the wrong gospel. Mind you, not enemies of God, but enemies of the cross.