1 27 13 The Grace Life PT 1

Grace and Law are different. Understanding the principles that functioned under the law are essential to understanding the principles that function under Grace.

2.3.13 The Grace Life PT. 2 God & Pi

There is no searching his understanding. There are no formula’s to calculate God. Not even Pi. However, God knows us and he understands our makeup.

2/17/13 The Grace Life PT 3 In The School of Grace

The Grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, TEACHING US. Yes grace teaches us. Welcome to the school of grace.

2 24 13 The Grace Life PT 4

God has a testimony concerning you. There is a way that God wants you to think about yourself. You have a past a present and a future. You are either in Adam or you are in Christ. No earthly programs can put you in Christ.

3.17.13 The Grace Life PT. 5 Anger & The Age Of Rage

People are so angry today it’s difficult to understand. We live in the age of rage. air rage, road rage, work rage, desk rage, home rage, baseball rage, basketball rage…Is there an answer?