9 5 2021 The Laver, Incense & Priest

This video examines the priesthood then and in the future.

8 29 2021 Last Message on the Tabernacle I Think Music

In this message we looked at how the benefits of the redemption portrayed in the Brazen altar were for Israel until Due Time.

8 8 2021 The Tabernacle, God Becomes Man

This message examines the first 4 pieces in the tabernacle and the order in which God instructed Moses To build them.

8.1.2021 Ark of the Covenant continued and finished today

Today we will look at the Cherubims and the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant

7 25 2021 The Tabernacle, Aarons Rod and the pot of Manna PT.6

3 items were in the Ark of the Covenant. The 10 commandment, Aarons Rod that budded and the Golden pot that had manna. Each represensts a failure in Israel’s history and the solution found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

7 18 2021 Building the Tabernacle PT.5

Today we bein the construction of the Tabernacle piece by piece, in their order and the significance of each piece.

7 3 2021 Tabernacle Recap

Before we move on to more pieces and furniture in the tabernacle, we will do a recap of what we’ve covered so far.

6 27 2021 The Anointing Oil PT.4

There are 2 types of oil and three purposes for them. The message examines the oil in the tabernacle in the wilderness

6 20 2021 Tabernacle Coverings PT.3

This message examines the 4 coverings on the tabernacle

6 13 2021 Tabernacle PT 2 Blue Purple Scarlet

Today we’re examining the colors in the tabernacle. Blue, Purple & Scarlet.

6 6 2021 Intro to the Tabernacle

John 1:14 speaks of the Word being made flesh and DWELLING among us, meaning Israel which points back to the tabernacle in the wilderness. As a result of this Vs we will be doing a detailed examination of the tabernacle.