2.25.2021 First reading of “The Controversy” by C.R. Stam

We read the first chapter of C.R. Stam’s book.

2 21 2021 Colossians Complete

A brief look at The things written aforetime and some of the people who labored with Paul

2 18 2021 Are You Called

Who are the ones who are called in the Word of God?

2 17 2021 The Inward Journey

This is the 2nd and final reading of Gene Edwards Book.

2 14 2021 Who Are

Who are you? Paul said, “O Wretched man that I am.”

2 11 2021 Who Are The Ordinances For

Ordinances are for Israel plain and simple. The question is do we believe the Word of God?

2 7 2021 You Have Liberty

People imposing their personal convictions on others has become popular in our day. The fact of the matter is that, WE ALL have the right to be persuaded in our own minds without the forceful opinions of pushy disingracious believers. Please follow your conscience and disregard those who can’t stand that you actually think for your self.

2 4 2021 Silas OR Silvanus

Is it important to know who the people in the bible are?

1 31 2021 Our Responsibilities as Believers

Col. Chapter 3 give detailed instructions to us as members of the Body of Christ. Each of these instructions is part of the Godly edification process that we should go through.

1 28 2021 Let’s Have a Heart to Heart Talk

Let’s talk.

1 24 2021 To Be With Him

When Jesus Christ leaves heaven after the 7 year Tribulation, He leaves the Body of Christ with the Father. There are ramifications to that.

1 21 2021 Some Ground Work

The further we go into understanding the Little Flocks role in bringing the gospel to the Gentiles the better off we will be.

1 17 2021 If Ye Then Be Risen

You’re journey will end gloriously. Not with fire. The world get’s that!

1 14 2021 Who is Timothy

Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

1 13 2021 God’s Long Standing Plan For The Gentiles

God always had a plan to save the Gentiles. That plan has always been in the mind plan and purpose of God.

1 10 2021 Are You The Temple?

This is an overview of Eph. Chapter 2

1 7 2021 Words Mean Something

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

1 3 2021 Full disclosure

If you believe that you will face the judgment seat of Christ then it is your duty and responsibility to let all those you share the gospel with the truth of what they’re getting into. As you share with them, tell them that you are now stacking up gold silver precious stones into your account for better and more influential rewards in heaven.