4.26.2020 God’s Secret Treasure Trove Revealed

This message examines Col 2:3 In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

4.19.2020 You Want to Understand the Mystery? Here it is.

Colossians 2 address the false teachings of the Gnostics. The apostle Paul launches a barrage of truth against them.

4.17.2020 What did the Fallen Angels Do?

Genesis 6 has some interesting things to say about the Sons of God.

4.15.2020 Why Do We Suffer?

For some people “why do we suffer?”
For some other people it’s “why does God allow suffering?”
For still others it’s “why does God cause suffering?”
We will look at those questions in light of the Word of God Rightly Divided.

4.13.2020 Worldly Wisdom Compared to the Wisdom of God

IF you are saved, it did not happen because you received a revelation from God. It happened because someone shared the gospel with you. The gospel that had been revealed to Saul of Tarsus who became the mighty apostle to the Gentiles. People who claim to receive revelations from God in this dispensation of grace, are

4.12.2020 The Background of Paul’s Life

Everyone has forsaken Paul & Timothy. Now What?

4.7.2020 Acts Commentary

Continuing our limited Acts Commentary

4.6.2020 Acts Intro

Understanding the connection between the book of Acts and what came before it is essential to a proper understanding of your Bible.

4.5.2020 Judgments and Resurrections

This message examines Rev. chapter 20

4.3.2020 A Tribute to Rolande Theriault. My Mother

During this shutdown in our country I thought that since I’m going into people’s homes and they’re coming into my home, then it only stands to reason that we greet each other even more personally. So welcome to the inner sanctum of my life. With pleasure I introduce you to my mother and family.

4.2.2020 They Who Love His Appearing

What appearing is 2 Tim. chapter 4 speaking of?

4.1.2020 Be Not Now Therefore Ashamed…

How do you really feel about the testimony of the Lord.

3.31.2020 Have You Forsaken Paul Also?

People are waiting for the apostasy before the rapture or the catching away as many say, Really? The apostasy has already happened. Find out here.

3.30.2020 Pauls charge

Paul Charges Timothy and Timothy Charges us.

3.29.2020 Have you been moved away?

This message examines what happens to people who rightly divide the Word of Truth and then go back to the darkness of denominationalism.

3.27.2020 Your outer man has no bearing on your inner man

Eph. 4:24 teaches in the most remarkable way that the life you have in Christ is eternal because of what God created in you the moment you believed the gospel of your salvation.

3.26.2020 The length, Depth, Breadth and Height of the Love of Christ

This message examines Eph. 317 – 19

3.25.2020 Saul of Tarsus. From my home office

If you would like a copy of Larry Tidwell’s song cd. please e-mail him at thegospelofchrist1@icloud.com Thank you for joining us.

3.22.2020 Don’t Let Social Distancing Keep You Out of Heaven!

Man made contracts have large print that gives you the world. The fine print takes it all away. This message examines the fine print in God’s contract.

3.8.2020 Satan In Your TV

This is my attempt to explain from the Word of God was is going on in this world.

3.1.2020 Salvation On A Napkin!

This is the message that you need to learn yourself. Get a piece of paper out of your printer and follow along. If you listen and do what you see here, You will be the most effective witness ever!

2.16.2020 Can You See It Now?

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us.

2.9.2020 Three Reconciliations!

Message begins @ 16:30 This message examines the 3 reconciliations found in Col. 1:20,21

2.2.2020 God Said it you Better Believe It!

An examination of a promise God made in the book of Deuteronomy that he kept. We can have confidence in what He spoke to us through Paul.

1.19.2020 The Father Wants You To Come Home

Message begins @ 20:27 This message examines Col. 1:20 And having made peace through the blood of His Cross…

1 5 2020 Confusion Among Scientists

This message is edited in that announcements and music were removed. Col. 1:16 All things were created by Him and for him…

1.12.2020 Are You A Bad Penny?

No where in the Word of God does He ever say that he is pleased with you.