12 23 18 Romans All Wrapped Up

We’ve been in the book of Romans for 5 years. This is the last message in that series. The first 15 Verses are a list of names. They were special to Paul and we will meet all of them someday.

12 16 18 My Christmas Story in Madawaska Maine

For years I said, It’s not the Lords birthday, Why are you giving gifts if it’s someone else’s birthday? The Christmas tree is the Baal tree. It’s a Pagan holiday. BUT, this year I changed my mind about Christmas. What happened? This video explains it.

12 9 18 Let’s Get the Signs Straight

Romans 15:19 Paul said, Through mighty signs and wonders by the power of the Spriit of God is the topic of this message. What were signs for in the Word of God?

12 2 18 100% proof that Jesus is God & Man

Those who saw him in His earthly ministry could only ask, “What Manner Of Man Is This.” That’s what this message is about.

11 25 18 Satan In This World

A friend asked me, What is Satan doing today? Does he come into my home and listen to my conversations? Sometimes I feel like things can be explained no other way other than it appeared to be some kind of magic act, demonic or spell casting.

11 11 18 Who Shines Forth As The Sun?

There is a group of people who when they SEE HIM shall SHINE forth as the sun. Who are these people and when does that happen?

11 4 18 What A Ride

Rom. 15:8 concluded. This message takes us from the beginning of the promise God made to Abram all the way to the end of the millennium and ever further than that out into eternity. Enjoy the ride!

10 28 18 It’s Time For You To Go

A refresher from last weeks message then a look at Abram leaving Ur of the Chaldess and why it was wrong to Lot to go with him.

10 21 18 A Birds Eye View of the Whole Bible

Taking a look at the Word of God from a birds perspective is a fascinating journey. This is the way to share the Word of God with others and it’s the ONLY way.

10 14 18 A Really Big Lie

Romans 15:8 states a truth about Jesus Christ that is disregarded by 99 percent of Christendom today. This message examines why that is

9.30.18 A Great Door Is Opened

If Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles, They why was Peter the first to go to the Gentiles? It’s a great question and we tried to answer it in this message.

9.23.18 Now, This is Paul’s Gospel

Romans 15 begins very similarly to Romans 14. Read Romans 14:1 first. This message again examines the groups that Paul is cognizant of who had believed that Jesus Christ was their Messiah.

9.16.18 Get Off Your Law Pedestal and Get Grace

Rom. 14. This is our final installment in Romans 14. We covered the entire chapter in one hour.

9 9 18 Paul Arrested and Appointed

Rom. 14 Before looking at Rom. 14 we took the time to examine the prevailing conditions that existed when Romans was written. We also focused on Paul’s Damascus Road Experience.

9.2.18 What’s Wrong With Works?

How did it happen that every religion has focused on works in excess? This message examines that question

8.19.18 God’s Finger Print In You

God placed His fingerprint in every person who has believed the gospel of their salvation. This message examines Eph. 4:24

8.5.18 Fallen Angels Up To No Good

A look at Gen. 6 at the Sons of God taking the daughters of men. The result of it and the disaster that followed.

7.29.18 The Spirits In Prison

1Pe 3:19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;
This message examines that verse

7.15.18 The Glory Has Departed

Rom. 13:11 – 14 A further examination into the words, “And It Was Night.”

7.8.18 And It Was Night!

Rom. 13:12 The night is far spent. Night in the Word of God not only speaks of atmospheric conditions but of spiritual darkness. This message examines that.

7.1.18 A Generation, Primed and Ready

Rom. 13:11 IF you prefer, fast forward to Approx. 17 minutes to skip our introduction. This is our facebook version. We are having trouble with our normal recordings for the time being. Thank you.

6.24.18 You’re Being Programmed

Rom. 13:5-11 Continuing our study of Romans 13.

6.17.18 Who Are the Powers That Be?

Rom. 13:1-7 are Verses that are commonly taught as our responsibility to the Governments that exist. But is that what they really teach? This message examines those controversial verses.

4 27 18 What’s Behind the Evil?

Evil is a strange force. Especially when Many in our day and age are calling evil good and good evil.

5 20 18 It’s A Package Deal

Continuation and culmination of the two previous messages. It’s a package deal shows us that what we have in Christ comes to us all at once when we believe.

5 13 18 The Cross Contract

Some teach that no person today has any sin in them. Some teach that all people are reconciled to God and have God’s righteousness today. This message examines both those positions and shows that the cross was a contract between God & man. Every contract requires two parties to be in agreement with the terms of the contract.

5 6 18 At The Cross OR By The Cross?

Some say that all sins were forgiven at the cross and today, not one person in the world has any sin in them. Some say that sin was paid for AT the cross and forgiveness is appropriated by faith. This message explains what the Bible says about it.

4 22 18 Don’t Get Even, Get Grace

Rom. 12:17 – 19 Avenge not yourselves. It’s human nature to want to get even with others who have harmed us. This message examines why you should not do that.

4 15 18 Great Minds Think Alike

Rom. 12:16 be of the same mind… In this message I shared my views of social media and what my responsibility is. This message by no means implies that my views should be yours. But you weigh the matter yourself and see where you stand.

4 8 18 Keep Your Hands Off It!

A message examining dispensational truth through the eyes of a doubting denominational pastor.

4 1 18 The Truth About Easter

What has the world done with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? This message examines that question.

3 25 18 Something That Never Happened Before

Reconciliation is a Bible word. This message looks at that doctrine and takes it to is final conclusion. We now have the atonement!

3 18 18 Faith, Which Kind Do You Have?

There are many kinds of Faiths in this world but only one will save you? Which Faith do you have?

3 11 18 Who is Born Again?

The Bible says in John 3:3 except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God. In Vs. 7 it says, YE must be born again. Why is Vs 3 singular and Vs 7 plural?

3 4 18 God Made it Easy

Rom. 12:13 A short treatment of weep with those that weep.

2 25 18 Who Are the Saints:

Rom. 12:13 Distribution to the necessity of the saints. Who are the saints mentioned in this Verse?

1 28 18 Did Peter Ruckman Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth PT 5

People shouldn’t put Ruckmans vidoes on other people’s face book pages if they don’t want people to see Ruckman in action. This is the final installment of the Ruckman expose’. I’m growing weary of this.

1 14 18 Did Peter Ruckman Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth PT 4

There were people In Christ before Paul? Yes! BUT who were they and what does it mean to be In Christ?

1 7 18 Did Peter Ruckman Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth PT 3

Peter Ruckmans video was placed into my facebook newsfeed with the hopes that it would be seen
by people who rightly divide the Word of Truth. Here it is for all to see but not without some commentary on what he said