12 31 17 Did Peter Ruckman Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But theTruth PT 2

Peter Ruckmans video was placed into my facebook newsfeed with the hopes that it would be seen
by people who rightly divide the Word of Truth. Here it is for all to see but not without some commentary on what he said

12 17 17 Did Peter Ruckman Tell the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth So Help Him God

His video was placed into my facebook news feed for all people to see. I want to fulfill that persons wish and show Peter Ruckmans video for all to see. This is not an attack against PR but a defense of the Word of God Rightly Divided.

12 3 17 Different Time, Different Prayer

If you pray like they did in Moses day, will God answer your prayer? If you pray like they will pray in the Kingdom, will God answer your prayer?

11 26 17 What Are You Praying For/

What perspective of prayer do you pray from? The Law, The Kingdom, The dispensation of Grace? Only one is the right one for you.

11 19 17 Prayer is Not What You Think it is

Rom. 12:12 When I was first saved I learned many things about prayer. Come to find out, they were all wrong.

11 5 17 WHen You Fail, Then What?

Rom. 12:12 If a Christian sins, what happens to his relationship with God? Many have a roller coaster relationship with God. Saved one day and lost the next. Is that Biblical? This message examines that.

10 29 17 The Beauty of Believing

Rom. 12:12 Universal reconciliation is gaining popularity in social media, but should it? Does it have a scriptural basis for it’s existence? I don’t think so!

10 22 17 Casting Down Imaginations

Rom. 12:12 Pastors whose main focus is on the devil do their people a great disservice. This message examines the journey of one of their victims.

10 15 17 The Way of Love

Rom. 12: 9-21 is comprehended in this. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

10 8 17 Esteem Others, Not Steam Them Up

Rom. 12:9 a look at Paul’s last section in Rom. 12. Christian conduct and behavior.

10 1 17 The Gifts, Where’d They Go?

Rom. 12:2 & Eph. 5:17 Sign Gifts, Manifestation Gifts, Many gifts were given to the early church. But were they supposed to last forever? This message examines that question.

9 24 17 Fit Your Life Into the Will of God

Rom. 12:2 & Eph. 5:17 Many people ask, how can I know the will of God for my life? This message answers that question

9 17 17 God’s Will is No Longer A Secret

Rom. 12:2 & Eph. 5:17 Men have devised many inventions to find the will of God without success. Can you really know how to find the will of God? Well, Yes!

9 3 17 God is not doing that today!

Rom. 12:2 Knowing the will of God will depend on your understanding of 2 Tim. 2:15 from a KJV. God is not doing today what he did in Israel’s program.

8 27 17 The World is Not Smart

Rom. 12:2 Greek Philosophy failed. This message examines why and why you must renew your mind.

8 20 13 The Understanding Darkened

Rom. 12:2 This message gives advice to drink more water. Please do not stop taking your medications. Please consult a Doctor before making any changes to your meds.

8 13 17 Your Not in the Equation

Romans 12:1 & 2 What does it mean to offer your body as a living sacrifice?

8 6 17 No Selection In Election

Eph. 1:3,4,5 The Doctrine of Election, Exposed.

7 30 17 Rodney’s Mom’s Memorial

A dedication to my mothers life

7 9 17 It’s A Done Deal

Beginning of Romans 12 but first a quick overview of the last Verses of Romans 8.

7 2 17 God is Beyond Knowing

Rom. 11:28-33 The conclusion to Romans chapter 11

6 25 17 The Gentiles at this Time

Rom. 11:13 Revisiting this Verses. Who WAS the wild olive tree of Romans 11?

6 18 17 Wild Grapes

Rom. 11:16-24 Revisiting these Verses. How wild was the wild olive tree of Romans 11?

6 4 17 The Fullness of the Gentiles?

Rom. 11:25-27 This message examines the times of the Gentiles and the fullness of the Gentiles. Emphasis on when the times of the Gentiles began, when they were postponed and when they begin again and when they are fulfilled.

5 28 17 Not A Gentile In Sight

Rom. 11:16-24 The root, the branches, the fruits, the lump, the fatness, the olive tree. What is what and who is who?

5 21 17 Israel’s Table Fulfilled

Rom. 11:8-15 Paul said their Table was made a snare and a trap and a stumblingblock and a recompense. We examine those words today.

5 14 17 Paul Fixes The Problem

Rom. 11:2-7 If Peter said, and he did, that Paul wrote to the Little Flock, when and where did Paul write to them? If Paul wrote to them, was the Body of Christ included in the letter or letters also?

5 7 17 Indictment Against Israel

Romans 10 was an indictment against Israel. Rom. 11:1,2 We gave a summary of why God sent Elijah to Ahab at that time in history and saw the correlation with Israel when Jesus Christ came to them.

4 30 17 Why They Stumbled

This is an examination of Romans 10 from the dispensational point of view that the chapter finds itself in.

4 23 17 Let Go Of Your Works

Our normal video failed on Sunday morning. This is a copy of the Facebook video we also create. It is uncut. This is our entire morning service with music and recognizing our on-line family and then the message. If you would like to fast forward through the beginning, please feel free to do so.

4 16 17 Let’s Work It Out

What period of time in the Word of God is called “The Work?” What was it referring to and can it be explained? I’m certainly trying.

4 9 17 Stay Where You Are

We know the little flock cannot leave the hope they have. But are they confused about that? Paul is the one to straiten them out.

4/2/17 I Work A Work

Paul’s early ministry to the Jew first and also to the Greek is looked at. We’re attempting to unravel the early years of Paul’s calling.

3 26 17 Unplugged and Rewired

Understanding the transition has always been a goal of mine. Hopefully, we’re getting closer.

2 19 17 Warning: Faker at Work

Rom. 9:17 Pharaoh was raised up for a reason. He was a proto-type of the anti-christ. A total faker from the beginning to the end.

2 5 17 The Prerogative of God

Rom 9:5-18 God makes choices based on his own Sovereign Will. Romans 9 clearly demonstrates who God acts in the affairs of men.

1 29 17 A Special People

Rom 9:1-6 You’ve heard of the host with the mostest? These are the people with the most and greatest blessings. But even with that, they still failed to recognize their Messiah

1 22 17 Little Flock, Where Art Thou?

The intro to Romans 9, 10, & 11. This message introduces us to the main players in the Rom. 9 – 11 Saga.

1 15 17 Amazing & Eternal Grace

God made a legal and binding Contract with man. He then signed it in blood. The blood of Christ. This is the fine print in the contract God made with you if you are a member of the Body of Christ.