12 18 16 Rightly Dividing PT 7 1st 2nd 3rd John

1st John follows the trend of moving into the future like Hebrews, James and 1 & 2nd Pter before it. We examine the tribulation character of Johns 3 epistles in this message.

12.11.16Rightly Dividing PT 6 2nd Peter

An examination of the trend of 1st & 2nd Peter and the overwhelming evidence that these epistles point to the future grace that is to be brought unto them

12.4.16 Rightly Dividing PT 5
1 Pet Continued

This is a journey right smack dab into the center of anti-christ territory in the tribulation period.

11 27 16 Righty Dividing PT 4 1st Peter

This is a journey right smack dab into the center of anti-christ territory in the tribulation period.

11.6.16 Rightly Dividing PT.3 James

Who was the book of James written to? What was the purpose for writing it?

10.30.16 Rightly Dividing PT. 2 The Book of Hebrews

Who is the book of Hebrews written to? Are you a Hebrew? Are you one of the 12 tribes scattered abroad or are you a member of the Body of Christ

10/23/16 Rightly Dividing PT 1

Your life has yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Word of God has Time Past * But Now * Ages To Come. That’s how it’s divided. I didn’t invent that. God did!!!

10 16 16 The Times They Are a’Changin

Romans 8:24,25 For we are saved by hope… what does it mean to be saved by hope? Also, a segment of the changing roles of men and women. Truly we are seeing the signs of the times.

10 9 16 Time For A Change

Rom. 8:19 – 23 The creature, the creation and all those who belong to the Body of Christ will undergo a great change. This message shows the change the creation will go through.

10 2 16 The Creature Feature

Rom. 8:19 -23 People want to know who the creature is in Rom. 8. This video examines the Biblical evidence concerning this issue.

9 25 16 If So Be Rom 8 17 Explained

Rom. 8:17 If three two letter words have ever created more controversy than If so be of Rom. 8:17 I would love to see them. This is my explanation of the if so be of Vs. 17

9/18/16 Call The Next Witness

This message examines Rom. 8:16 and the many false ideas that people have concerning the Spirit bearing witness with our spirit.

9 4 16 Sonship?

I think many people believe that Sonship is something you experience today. Is that what the Bible teaches?

8 21 16 Who Blazed Your Trail?

Rom. 8:14 says as many as are led by the Spirit of God… This is probably the most misunderstood Verse in the Bible. This message sheds much needed light on this Vs.

8 14 16 Ignorance is Not Bliss

Contrary to popular opinion, ignorance is not bliss. This message proves it!

8 7 16 Behind the Chapter 8 Ball

Rom. 8:1-7 There is no condemnation to those who walk not in the flesh. What in the world does that mean?

7 30 16 Who Shall Set Me Free

This is the final installment in Romans 7

7 24 16 The Law’s Death Grip

For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me and by it slew me

7 17 16 The Enemy Within

Paul’s gospel has been under attack even before he died. After this death, it got even worse and the haters of Paul Killed those who understood that Paul was their apostle. This is a short account of that history.

7 10 16 The Wizard of Oz

Paul is sent out on his first missionary journey and the very first thing he’s confronted with is a sorcerer. But what did that all mean?

7 3 16 Why Romans Ch. 7

Understanding the prevailing conditions that prompted a Bible writer to write, is of the utmost importance. Understanding the prevailing conditions that prompted the writing of Romans 7 is no different. This message examines the prevailing conditions.

6 26 16 I Fought The Law and the Law Won

Is it possible for people to NOT know that they’re violating the law of God? This message answers that question.

6 19 16 When Tragedy Strikes

in June of 2016 a little boy was dramatically snatched from his parents at Disney world. This message examines the horror of it and how a pastor should deal with this if it ever happened to someone from his assembly

6 12 16 Rodney Gets Healed of Arthritis

Rodney’s testimony of 100% healing of Arthritis. Then the continuation of Rom. 7 which we began last week

6 5 16 Drenched In The Law

If you thought the first 4 verses of Romans 7 had to do with divorce for people living today, you have been very wrong.

5 29 16 Free As A Bird

This is a continuation of last weeks message “Ye Were, Ye Have Become”

5 22 16 Ye Were, Ye Have Become.

There was a time when you were outside of Christ, or maybe you still are. One thing for sure is that no one is born a Christian. This message examines that.

5 15 16 Opposites Don’t Attract

Law & Grace are so different and so contrary to each other that they could never dwell together in the same space.

5/8/16 Rodney’s Mother Gets Saved

I drove to Madawaska Maine for one purpose. To share the gospel of Salvation by faith. This is the story of what happend.

4 23 16 New Testament?

The question of when the New Testament began, rages among Christendom today. I know that when you walk into Matthews gospel after 400 years of silence you are walking into an O.T. Village with the Synagogue with blood sacrifies in full operation. That is not the New Testament.

4 17 16 Flat Ginger Ale

Pt. 2 of the Is the Holy Spirit Speaking to you today?

4.10.16 The Holy Spirits Ministry Today

Does the Holy Spirit do the same thing for the Body of Christ that he will do for Israel in the Tribulation Period?

4 3 16 The Most Important Thing

What is the most important thing in the Christian Life? This message addresses that question.

3 20 16 Soap Bubbles

Vanity of Vanity saith the preacher. All is vanity

3 13 16 Doctrine of Works

Works can be a confusing subject if you believe you have to do them to get to heaven. Exactly what is Paul speaking of when he mentions works?

2 28 16 Doctrine of Sanctification

does Paul’s gospel have anything to do with Sanctification?

2 21 16 Justification Vs Sanctification

Justification is a declaration God makes concerning you. He declares you righteous in Christ. Sanctification is not a declaration made by God, It’s an appeal made by God to all Christians. The problem is not all Christians heed the appeal.

2 14 16 The Body of Sin

The old man was crucified with Christ. He is not In Christ. But what is true of the old man is not true of your body. You still live in this body. The Word of God calls it a Vile Body.

2 7 16 Wanted Dead and Alive

The Title speaks for itself. The Word of God speaks of death and life in ways that are contrary to our normal way of thinking. God says we’re dead until we are made alive in Christ.

1 31 16 Law Keeping Churches

Where did Law Keeping Churches come from? Do you belong to one? This message examines the Little Flock and it’s progressive development through the early days of the church.

1 17 16 Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?

Where did Law Keeping Churches come from? Do you belong to one? This message examines the Little Flock and it’s progressive development through the early days of the church.

1 10 16 The Parable of the 10 Virgins

Much has been said about the 10 virgins but mostly misapplied to those of us in the dispensation of Grace. This is a Tribulation parable and must be understood within the confines of it’s context.

1 3 16 The fig Tree? Israel A Nation in 1948? Hal Lindsey says so!

Modern day Prophecy teachers will tell you that the Fig Tree budding in Mt. 24:32 is Israel becoming a nation in 1948. Really??
Also, Are the words in Red in the Bible written to the Body of Christ? This message examines both those issues.