12 13 15 Christmas, The Real Truth

This message examines why Jesus Christ came into the world 2000 years ago and not last week. Also we examine What was the real reason Jesus Christ came into the world.

12 6 15 Doctrinal Darkness

Christianity has witnessed a tidal wave of apostasy for many years. The effects of the 100’s of translation perversions is now upon us and the only thing that can fix it is Jesus Christ returning and catching the Body of Christ out of here. If the truth offends you, Don’t watch this video.

11 29 15 Finding Out God

Can the Eternal God be found out? Can man delve into the things, yeah the deep things of God?

11 22 15 Needle in the Haystack

This video will help you gain a true understanding of the difference between works and grace. Many churches today believe they’re preaching grace. Are they really? Let’s find out.

11 15 15 Jim Monk Testimony

Follow Jim’s Story as he shares with us his journey from darkness to light.

11 8 15 Help In Forgiveness

Have you forgiven everyone in your past who has offended you? If not, How does that affect you now?

11 1 15 Saul Saul

Some things about Saul’s Conversion experience on the road to Damascus are constant. They happen to all people who are saved by grace through faith. Is it time for you to examine yourself whether or not you are in the faith?

10 25 15 The Winds of Change

Many think that everything has always been the same in the Bible. That is not true. This message examines the winds of change.

10.18.15 40 Day Clarification

Unbelievable defection from Grace for the most immature reason known to man.
Then a look at the 40 day post resurrection ministry of Christ and it’s implications for proper Bible study.

10 11 15 The Devil’s Playground

How can you fight against the Wiles of the Devil if you don’t know what they are. When I was first saved, I was saved in the midst of the wiles of the devil and had no clue. I feel sorry for people who attended modern day, rock & roll churches. They have no idea what they are involved in.

9 28 15 Prepare to Meet Thy God

Amos 4:12 We are living in the dispensation of grace but when it ends, what the prophet Amos spoke, will surely come to pass. Have you, prepared to meet your God?

9 20 15 Wanted Dead or Alive

An explanation of the dilemma I am personally facing then concluding thoughts on Rom. 6:11

9 13 15 RRRRReckon Ye Yourselves

Roman 6:11 is a pivotal verse in the book of Romans. It’s like the hinge on a door and takes you from what you were before Christ to what you will be now that you are in Christ. The exhortation that Paul gives in this verse should be heeded by all Christians

9 6 15 Sting Like a Bee

Rom. 6:9&10 Death hath no more dominion over him. Learn what happened to death when it met Jesus Christ face on.

8 30 15 No Perfect People Allowed

Romans 6:7 is a pivotal verse in ch.6. Paul is turning from Doctrine to application. In order to understand the application, we must be clear about the doctrine first.

8 16 15 Feeding the Inner Man

Rom 6:6 There are 2 men Paul speaks of in Eph. 4:20-23 The old man and the new man. One must be starved and the other must be fed.

8 9 15 Knowing the New Man

Rom. 6:6 Since the old man is dead according to Rom. 6:6 what was he replaced by? The new man of course. But who is he?

8 2 15 Sin & The Body of Sin

Rom. 6:6 Is there a difference between the Old Man and the Body of Sin? Some say there isn’t. Some say there is. What saith the Scripture?

7 26 15 Something Old, Something New

Rom. 6:5,6 A look at what happened to the ‘Old Man’ when you died, were buried and raised again with Christ.

6 28 15 The Mind of Paul

I was wondering what made Paul tick and what made him think the way he does. So this is a little journey into Paul’s mind. Just perusing.

6 21 15 An Unexpected Journey

Rom. 6:3,4 When people get saved by faith in the cross work of Christ, They immediately take a journey. This message is about that journey.

6 14 15 Rom 6 Dead to the Reign of Sin

Rom. 6:2 There are only two Kingdoms you can belong to. The one you are in is your choice. The Kingdoms are: The Reign of Sin or the Reign of Grace. Which one are you in?

6 7 15 Questions & Answers

Questions about the Tribulation Period and the Millennial Reign of Christ and what happens after all those things?

5 31 15 Water Baptism Deciphered PT 3

Our study on the place and purpose of water baptism in Israel’s program.

5 17 15 Water Baptism Deciphered PT 2

How important was water baptism in Israel’s program?

5 10 15 Water Baptism Dechiphered PT.1

Confusion surrounds this subject. In the name of the father son & Holy Ghost or in the name of Jesus? Should we sprinkle or full immersion? Inside a building or at the local pond or stream? Immediately after Salvation or later at our convenience? God is not the author of confusion.

5 3 15 Jim & Kathy Pittman sing

These songs were part of our service today with the Pittmans. They are a real blessing to the body of Christ.

5 3 15 Jim Pittman as the apostle Paul doing book of Ephesians

Jim Pittman as the apostle Paul quoting the book of Ephesians from memory.

5 3 15 Overview of Ephesians

In eternity past God planned the body of Christ. But he planned Israel’s program from the foundation of the world, both programs are different, one is an earthly program and one is a heavenly program.

4 19 15 Rethinking Rom 6 & 7

I always thought Romans 6 & 7 had to do with Sanctification. After all that’s what everybody teaches. I had some questions that were not answered by the typical view. This is my understanding of Rom. 6 & 7. This may shock some viewers.

4/5/15 End of Pillar 3: Grace Reigns

Adam contrasted with Jesus Christ. We were in Adam and had everything he had, a sin nature. Now we are in Christ and we have everything he has, eternal life and more, much more.

3 29 15 Be Ye Reconciled

To Be reconciled means to be restored to an original state. Think you know everything about reconciliation? Maybe you do, Maybe you don’t.

3 22 15 The Corridor of Prophecy

The corridor of prophecy takes you from before the foundation of the world, to the end when time is fulfilled. It’s a journey to God’s program for Israel that sheds light on where you as members of the Body of Christ are NOT.

3 15 15 Don’t Gamble With God

One thing is guaranteed. If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your savior, you won’t have to worry about the wrath to come. However, If you have not, you are gambling against a God which you can not win against.

3 8 15 Gospel of God

Rom. 1:1-4 speaks of the Gospel of God. Both Peter & Paul preached it. What is it? When did they preach it? Is it another gospel?

3 1 15 Peter, Cornelius & the Transition Period PT 2

Learn the outline of the book of Acts from something Paul wrote in the book of Romans. Then look with us at what Peter preached in the house of Cornelius. Did he preach the Gospel of the Grace of God or did he preach what he had been commanded to preach?

2.22.15 Peter, Cornelius & The Transition

What did Peter know even until Acts 10? What did Cornelius know? What they did know and did not know will help you to understand what’s going on during the early days of the dispensation of grace.

2 1 15 Gospels: Pick Your Battles

Did Paul ever preach the Gospel of the Kingdom?

1 25 15 Appearing In Due Time

Did Gentile churches exist before Paul was saved? What does Paul mean by “in due time.?” Who was In Christ before Paul? Was Paul’s gospel preached before Paul? Are we straining at a gnat here? Or is this of the utmost importance?

1 18 15 The Crucible

If you are saved by grace through faith in the finished work of the cross of Christ, you will be, voluntarily or involuntarily brought into the arena of the refiners fire. So join us as we enter The Crucible.

1 11 15 Edge of Eternity

A man whose name is Ralph, was hovering over the precipice of eternity. One quick trip to Manhattan, and he was reconciled to God. This is his story.

1.4.15 Jews Raisin Cain Rom. 5:3

Rom. 5:3 we glory in tribulation. Follow Paul on a journey as he brings the gospel of grace to a lost and dying world. Do men receive it gladly? Let’s find out.