1.4.15 Jews Raisin Cain Rom. 5:3

Rom. 5:3 we glory in tribulation. Follow Paul on a journey as he brings the gospel of grace to a lost and dying world. Do men receive it gladly? Let’s find out.

12 28 14 What is your Hope? Rom. 5:1 & 2

Unlike earthly hopes that can be shattered, we have a hope In Christ that will be manifested at the end of our journey in eternity to come.

12 21 14 Mysteries Solved Rom. 5:1 & 2

Col. 2:2 speaks of the Mystery of God, The mystery of the Father and the mystery of Christ. Take a journey with us into the prophetic program, then out into eternity to come and back to the time we live in now.

12 14 14 Has Peace Evaded You? Rom. 5:1 & 2

Tis the season to be jolly. Peace to the world. Does the world have peace? There is no peace saith the Lord to the wicked.

12 7 14 Absolutely Nothing

You have nothing to say and nothing to do. Absolutely Nothing.

11 30 14 Hypocritical Doctrine, Parables Completed

There’s the leaven of the Pharisees, The leaven of the Sadducees, the leaven of Herod. Are you one of them or none of them?

11 23 14 Kingdom Parables of MT 13

Ever hear a preacher try to apply the parables of Christ to the church the Body of Christ? They’re not about the Body of Christ. They’re about the coming Kingdom of Christ on the earth after the rapture of the church.

11.16.14 Fools Gold At Pentecost

Pentecostalism has swept the world off it’s feet. But is that a good thing? Do people know what Pentecost was about? What it’s purpose was? What it was intended to accomplish? Remove the mystery surrounding this Feast of the Lord.

11.9.14 Gospel Fact

A look at the different Gospels in the Word of God.

11.2.14 Are You Spiritual Waldo?

A look at Matthew Chapter 13 and the parables of the kingdom. Is the Body of Christ found in the parables of MT. 13?

10.26.14 Bad News Kill The Messenger

We’re following Matthew as he develops the progression of the Messiahs rejection and begins turning away from the nation in Mt. 13 with the 7 parables of the Kingdom

10.12.14 My Last Sermon PT.2

We’re following Matthews progression until the 7 Parables of Mt. 13 His genealogy, this birth, His fore runner, the temptation in the wilderness, the sermon on the MT, His miracles. All played an important role in is rejection by Israel.

9 31 14 My Last Sermon ?
Rom. 4:1-3

In case this is my last sermon, I wanted to give everyone the hope that death is not the end.

8 24 14 Abrahams Faith Works?
Rom. 4:1-3

Abraham’s faith was enough. Enough to satisfy God and be an example of what is necessary for Salvation today. This messages shows us to NOT read more into Abraham’s life then what the Bible reveals about him.

8 17 14 James Said WHAT!?
Rom. 4:1-3

If I didn’t know what I know about the Word of God, I would be confused to. Are we saved by faith, or faith AND works?

8 10 14 The Flesh Stinketh
Rom. 4:1-3

Take a journey with Abraham and learn why Paul asked this question in Romans 4:1 What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found?

8 3 14 Got Boasting?
Rom. 3:27-31

Do you really have anything to boast in? Are you that good or righteous? Many groups believe they have the right to boast. Let Paul set you straight on that.

7/27/114 Why Did God Do This?
Rom. 3:25-26

Rom. 3:25 & 26 are pivotal Verses that share the heart of Calvary. How could God be BOTH, just AND the justifier of guilty sinners? This messages explains how God can be both at the same time.

7 20 14 Q & A Rapture & Baptism

Have you ever wondered if the Rapture is found in the 4 gospels?
Have you ever wondered where John the Baptist got the idea to baptize people in the Jordan river? This video answers those two questions according to 2 Tim. 2:15

6 29 14 Come Thru the Tunnel
Rom. 3:24

Romans 3:24 answers three important questions:
#1. What is Salvation?
#2. How does it become ours?
#3. On what grounds can God offer this Salvation?

6 22 14 God’s View of Us
Rom. 3:21 – 25

Rom. 3:21 is the first Vs. in the dispensation of Grace. But Now are the two most important words for a Christian. If you are saved you have a But Now in your life. If you are not saved, you don’t not have a But Now and that is not a good place to be.

6/15/14 The Law Led Captive
Rom. 3:21

A speculated Vs of Scripture is Eph. 4:8-10 that Jesus Christ led captivity Captive. This message looks at another angle for this passage other than those in Abrahams bosom.

6/8/14 Soul Sleep?
Rom. 3:19-20

Some believe in soul sleep after death. Some believe in a conscious existence after death. Here are my Biblical reason for a Conscious existence after death.

5/25/14 How To Know The Will of God
Rom. 3:19-20

Presented at Grace Bible Community Church by Don Fusari.

6/1/14 Hell & Her Appetite
Rom. 3:19-20

Only the King James Bible can give you the proper view of hell. Where it’s located, who goes there and the path they travel to get there. Hell has an insatiable appetite. There are 4 things that never say, it is enough. This messages examines each of those in detail

5/17/14 The Mirror of the Law
Rom. 3:19-20

If keeping the law and obeying the commandments to gain you access into God’s heaven is necessary, then you are in trouble. This message explains 4 things.

5 11 14 Closing Remarks & The Verdict
Rom. 3:10 – 18

God has a testimony concerning man. The conclusion and the verdict to Paul’s accusations do not bode well for Adam’s fallen Children. If you are IN Christ you have nothing to worry about.

5/4/14 Joan Spoerndle Testimony

Joan shares her journey from darkness to light. Listen as she speaks of her foundational religion and the events that eventually led to a full understanding of Faith in Jesus Christ and the finished work of the cross.

5/4/14 Man Judges God
Rom. 3:1-9

Israel has been told that they are no better than the Gentiles. They don’t like this so what do they do? They blame God, accuse God and Judge God for the deplorable condition they find themselves in.

4/27/14 Israel Pleads Innocence
Rom. 2:21 – 29

Has Israel EVER pleased God with their works? Did they ever satisfy the righteous demands of God’s law?

4/20/14 Behold Thou Art Called A Jew
Rom. 2:17 – 20

3 classes of people are scrutinized in Romans 1:18 to 3:20. The Gentile, The self righteous religious moralizer and the Jew. None of them can stand at the bar of God and claim innocence.

4/6/14 THe Cross Answered It All

What did the Bible have to say about the cross of Jesus Christ before God saved Paul on the road to Damascus and gave him the capstone of Divine Revelation? What information was missing that would ensure that OT Saints would get their eternal life?

3.23.14 What is Heaven Like? PT. 2

The way it was in the beginning is the way it will be in the end. Trees, rivers, Garden, God, vegetation, man and his bride. Heaven will not be something foreign to you. You will feel right at home

3.16.14 What is Heaven Like? PT. 1

I was thinking. Before you go to heaven, If you are going, You must die. So I wanted to take a look at this important biblical subject. For the Christian death isn’t so bad. This message should be a great encouragement to you.

3.9.14 Apostasy PT. 6 Don’t Buy The Lie

I was thinking. Before you go to heaven, If you are going, You must die. So I wanted to take a look at this important biblical subject. For the Christian death isn’t so bad. This message should be a great encouragement to you.

3.2.14 Apostasy PT. 5 Thou Hast Fully Known My Doctrine

Amazing how the Word of God works in them that believe.

2.16.14 Apostasy PT. 4 Calvin & Hobbes Go To a Modern Day Church

Join Calvin & Hobbes on a journey to a modern day Christian Church. Poor Calvin, he gets so confused by what he hears BUT, no worries, he eventually learns that there are not two gospels today, only one and those who preach two gospels from the same pulpit should be avoided at all costs!

2.16.14 Apostasy PT. 4 Calvin & Hobbes Go To a Modern Day Church

Join Calvin & Hobbes on a journey to a modern day Christian Church. Poor Calvin, he gets so confused by what he hears BUT, no worries, he eventually learns that there are not two gospels today, only one and those who preach two gospels from the same pulpit should be avoided at all costs!

2.9.14 Apostasy PT. 2 Perilous Times

1 Tim. 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith… 2 Tim. 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
Paul never thought he wasn’t living in the last days. He always knew he was living in perilous times. We are not looking for the great apostasy. We are in the great apostasy and the

2.2.14 Apostasy PT. 1

God gave Paul a charge, a command to preach the gospel of the Grace of God. The command was to preach a specific message but why are so many today disobeying?

1.26.14 There is No Respect of Persons

Rom. 2:11 says God is not a respecter of persons. Many people believe that God saves people regardless of personality, prestige or position. That’s true! But Rom. 2:11 is saying that God is no respecter of persons in Judgment. The do good’s as well as the evil doers will be judged because both groups thought they could by pass Calvary and present to

1.19.14 Is Predestination True?

Calvinism and Arminianism are two Theological Systems of Biblical Interpretation that are prevalent in Christianity today. They BOTH use Scripture to support their theories but interestingly enough they are BOTH diametrically opposed to each other. How can two systems coming from the same Bible be so different? It’s very simple. They don’t obey 2 Tim. 2:15.

1.12.14 Still No Repentance

In the OT God wanted Israel to Repent. In the gospels Jesus Christ wanted Israel to Repent. After the cross upon the stoning of Stephen the Holy Spirit wanted Israel to Repent. Did they repent? No! Why not? Because they despised the goodness of God. Rom. 2:3-4

1.5.13 Here Comes The Judge

Rom. 2:3 And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? Not a very popular subject we know but certainly not one that can be overlooked.

12/29/13 The Forbidden Tree

of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it…
It wasn’t only the knowledge of evil, it was the knowledge of good also. But didn’t God want Adam & Eve to know about good? Absolutely not!

12/22/13 I Did It My Way

When God gave man over to their vile affections, he let them do everything their own way. When men are given a choice, they always make the wrong choice. Romans 1 proves that!

12/8/13 Happy to be a Fool

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. That’s God’s testimony of man who rejects God.

12/1/13 The Eternal Power of God

From Everlasting to Everlasting Thou Art God. This is what the Psalmist said. One Hebrew writer said, “contained within the etymology of those words is this concept. From Vanishing Point to Vanishing Point. This message discusses that concept

11/24/13 There Are No Atheists!

There is no such thing as an honest atheist. You have to lie to yourself first to be an atheist then you lie to everyone else. Everyone is born into this world believing in God. Someone has to tamper with your brain to be an atheist. Usually that someone thinks they’re smarted that God

11/17/13 The Human Race Condemned PT. 2

God has a testimony concerning man. He would love to say that man is good because he created him that way. But HE can’t! Man has gone astray and there is none good, no not one.

11/3/13 The Human Race Condemned

The human race had a weak beginning. The thoughts of the imaginations of his heart only evil continually. But did it get better as time went on. Isn’t that what the modern view is? This is God’s view not mans.

10/27/13 The Six Pillars in the Book of Romans. 1

There are six Pillars in the book of Romans that you will build your spiritual life upon. Each Pillar will establish you upon the foundation that Paul laid.

10.20.13 Anti-christ Withheld

Something is holding back the anti-christ from being revealed. Is it Rome? Is it the Holy Spirit? Is it some mystical force?