1 14 2021 Who is Timothy

Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

1 13 2021 God’s Long Standing Plan For The Gentiles

God always had a plan to save the Gentiles. That plan has always been in the mind plan and purpose of God.

1 10 2021 Are You The Temple?

This is an overview of Eph. Chapter 2

1 7 2021 Words Mean Something

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

1 3 2021 Full disclosure

If you believe that you will face the judgment seat of Christ then it is your duty and responsibility to let all those you share the gospel with the truth of what they’re getting into. As you share with them, tell them that you are now stacking up gold silver precious stones into your account for better and more influential rewards in heaven.

12 31 2020 1st Cor 3 Down the Rabbit Hole

1st Cor. 3 examined in the light of it’s context and in light of the prevailing conditions that existed when the words were penned on the page and who were the people involved in that day.

12 27 2020 Romans 14

This message examines why Paul said WE, we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

12 24 2020 Finally 2 Cor 5 To Dissolve OR To Be Changed?

Many people thought I was conveniently withholding 2 Cor. 5 & Rom 14 but I wasn’t. As you can see there was too much information to just add all of this to one of the messages that preceded this one.

12 17 2020 The LIttle Flock and More

Was anyone thinking that Paul established Gentiles churches by handing out tracts on the street corner? Well he didn’t. He had help, ALOT of help!

12 13 2020 You’re Reigning Where?

We were taught that we would reign with Christ and hold a position of authority based on how much Pauling Doctrine we have in us. This message challenges that concept.

12 6 2020 The Judgment Seat of Christ is For Who?

just follow along in your Bibles and let God’s Word speak to your heart.
Joh 7:17​ If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. To those of you who don’t understand, maybe there is something that you don’t know about the Word of God yet.

11 29 2020 The Table is Set

Just preparing us for the Next Bible Study.

11 22 2020 Setting the Table

Just preparing us for the Next Thursday night Bible Study.

11 19 2020 Why I Preached Reigning Last Sunday

So you’ll be reigning with Christ Hey?

11 15 2020 Reigning With Christ

This message examines Who Reigns with Christ.