11 30 14 Hypocritical Doctrine, Parables completed

There’s the leaven of the Pharisees, The leaven of the Sadducees, the leaven of Herod. Are you one of them or none of them?

11 23 14 Kingdom parables of MT 13

Ever hear a preacher try to apply the parables of Christ to the church the Body of Christ? They’re not about the Body of Christ. They’re about the coming Kingdom of Christ on the earth after the rapture of the church.

11 2 14 Are You Spiritual Waldo?

A look at Matthew Chapter 13 and the parables of the kingdom. Is the Body of Christ found in the parables of MT. 13?

10 26 14 Bad News Kill The Messenger

We’re following Matthew as he develops the progression of the Messiahs rejection and begins turning away from the nation in Mt. 13 with the 7 parables of the Kingdom

10 12 14 Intro To Matthews Parables

MT’s Gospel is incredible because it is one of the transitional books in the New Testament. We are a taking a quick detour for a few weeks to take a quick look at the progression and developments in MT’s Gospel.