6 6 2021 Intro to the Tabernacle

John 1:14 speaks of the Word being made flesh and DWELLING among us, meaning Israel which points back to the tabernacle in the wilderness. As a result of this Vs we will be doing a detailed examination of the tabernacle.

5 30 2021 Election Vs Non Election

Someone is elected in the Word of God, But Who?

5 23 2021 Do We Receive Him

To as many as received him to them…. Is that how you are saved today, by receiving Jesus Christ?

5 16 2021 A Man Sent From God Pt 2

They asked John the Baptist, Who art Thou?

5 9 2021 A Man Sent From God

A look at John the Baptist

5 2 2021 God

When you go to the edge of eternity, what can you see?

4 25 2021 The Nazarite Vow Re visited

This is a redo of Last weeks message. I hope it clarifies a few things.

4 11 2021 Darkness Comprehended it Not PT 2

This is our 2nd look at Jn. 1:5

4.4.2021 The Darkness Comprehended it not

This message is about the DBR of Jesus Christ

3 28 2021 In Him Was Life

All life resided in Him. All spiritual life is found only in him by faith.

3 14 2021 The Kingdom

This message is an overview of the Kingdom from eternity past into eternity to come.

3 7 2021 The Eternality of Jesus Christ

John 1:1 brings us into eternity past. It’s a great journey

2 28 2021 The Gospel of John PT 1 Overview

This is the first installment in the Gospel of John and a brief overview of what we’ll be covering for the next few months.