2.2.14 Apostasy PT 1

God gave Paul a charge, a command to preach the gospel of the Grace of God. The command was to preach a specific message but why are so many today disobeying?

2 9 14 Apostasy PT 2 Perilous Times

Paul never thought he wasn’t living in the last days. He always knew he was living in perilous times. We are not looking for the great apostasy. We are in the great apostasy and the church, the body of Christ has been in apostasy for over 2000 years. This message explains how and why we are in apostasy.

2 16 14 Apostasy PT 3 Discouragement and Fear

Fear is a great tactic of the adversary against the Body of Christ. I no longer hold on to the philosophy that we can “agree to disagree.” I am now convinced that if you disagree with the King James Bible You are wrong. Period!

2 23 14 The Apostasy PT 4 Calvin & Hobbes Go To Church

Join Calvin & Hobbes on a journey to a modern day Christian Church. Poor Calvin, he gets so confused by what he hears BUT, no worries, he eventually learns that there are not two gospels today, only one and those who preach two gospels from the same pulpit should be avoided at all costs!

3 2 14 Apostasy PT 5 Thou Hast Fully Known My Doctrine

Amazing how the Word of God works in them that believe.

3 9 14 Apostasy PT 6 Don’t Buy The Lie

Has modern day religion lied to you? Maybe you’re getting tired of it. Maybe you’re not.